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At 123 Agency, we provide a range of SEO services for businesses of all sizes. Many of our customers in Brighton have benefited from our SEO services and have ranked higher on Google as a result of our efforts. Whether it’s eCommerce or Local SEO, our experts know what they’re doing and will offer you the best advice.

You need three things in order to succeed online: visitors, customers, and ranking on search engines like Google. We can help with that third thing — the ranking part! For years now we’ve been working with Brighton-based businesses to help them get ranked well on Google’s search engine.

Over the years, we’ve developed a proven system that has helped us consistently rank clients higher. We’ve used this system with dozens of our clients and it works so well we believe it’s our best product. We want this proven product to help you rank higher, too!

What is SEO?

Do you want your business website to be seen and ranking higher in the search engines? If so, SEO is for you! The majority of business owners are concerned about SEO since they want greater traffic to their websites and to rank higher on search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Google, and so on.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of achieving a higher position on a search engine’s results page (SERP) for a particular search. More visitors to your site means more traffic, which will bring more leads, customers, and repeat customers.

Why Should You Hire an SEO Agency?

Google ranks websites based on a variety of factors, including relevance and popularity. SEO (search engine optimization) improves the way a website is ranked on the SERPs.SEO is the main reason your company appears on the first page of search results. The top question is: how do you get there?

Managing your website content, adding metadata, optimizing web pages and on-page SEO, off-page SEO, link building, and much more.

It is a big responsibility for the marketing team, and it can take a significant amount of time. That’s where SEO agencies come in. They can do this for you, saving you time and money.

The right SEO consultant in Brighton is essential!

You need an SEO consultant because they’ll help you with your website, which in turn means more customers. A website is a business’s biggest investment. When done right, it will earn you more income and customers. A blog is a great way to establish yourself as an expert in your niche and help customers.

The Benefits of Working with an SEO Agency

Working with an SEO agency can be the best marketing decision you will ever make for your company. They will handle all the marketing for you, so you won’t have to spend too much time doing it. It is best to describe the benefits of hiring an SEO company by looking at what they will do for your business.

How to Choose an SEO Agency?

When looking for a Brighton SEO services, it can be difficult because so many companies out there guarantee that they will rank you on Google page one. How can you confirm that the company is not a scam or fly-by-night business that doesn’t do SEO?

One way to ensure you get the service you want is to sign a contract with the company. This way you can be sure the company will be around to correct any mistakes it makes or provide the service you desire. The contract should also specify what services the company will provide, as well as how often they will update your SEO. You should also ask if the company has guarantees and if they have a money back guarantee.

Getting the Right Agency

Choosing the right SEO agency is an important decision and it requires a detailed analysis of the strengths of the company. 

Here are some things to consider when evaluating an SEO agency: 

  • What are their SEO and online marketing strategy? 
  • What services can their clients expect from them? 
  • Do they have a portfolio that displays good work? 
  • Can they compete with the number of years of experience? 
  • Do they follow the guidelines of Google or search engines? 
  • What is their philosophy and mission? 
  • How many clients do they have currently and how much work can they handle? 
  • What successes have they had with their current clients? 

Why you need SEO agency in Brighton?

Does your website need professional help to improve its SEO? We suspect that if you have come this far, the answer is yes. Here are some of the reasons why you should hire an SEO consultant in Brighton:

  • Your competitor’s website appears in higher rankings in Google than yours.
  • You aren’t getting enough traffic to your website, so you’re not making enough sales.
  • Your site should improve its SEO positioning so that it does not depend on external media.
  • It’s important for your company to be present in other countries. You need an international SEO strategy.
  • You are deciding whether to create a new website or redesign your existing one and want to start with an SEO strategy from the beginning before developing the website.
  • Google Ads have worked well for your business. However, you would like to take it a step further by integrating SEO to this strategy and take advantage of its benefits.
  • Google Ads have worked well for your business. However, you would like to take it a step further by integrating SEO to this strategy and take advantage of its benefits.

Possibly all these reasons have one simple objective, which is to be more visible to sell more or to have more clients, is that right?

If this is the case, then you require the help of a professional seo company who has a thorough understanding of digital marketing. Here at 123Agency, we will be glad to help you accomplish this.

Hiring a SEO agency for your online business has numerous advantages.

We’re an SEO company in Brighton that’s been developing effective SEO strategies for more than 3 years.

More Visibility & Sales

You will increase your visibility and sales by hiring SEO consultants in brighton, as you will be able to position yourself higher in Google search rankings.

We're dedicated to generating quality traffic and calls for your business

Our SEO specialists have built long-tail SEO leads since 2019 by using an innovative Bing and Google technique. A successful business can achieve long-term success by using this method.

Boost Your Brand Image

The SEO experts don't just rank your website, they enhance your brand image so you'll be more recognizable and profitable.

Google My Business SEO

Using Google My Business, merchants can strengthen their local presence on Google Maps and Google Search. Let 123 Agency handle the creation and management of your local listing.

SMM & PPC Management

Alongside SEO we supply a number specialist services including Social Media marketing, PPC and conversion rate optimisation.

Better optimised features

At 123 Agency we ensure that your landing pages, content, URLs and conversion rates have the SEO features you'll love.

We can't stop doing this

We're so passionate about the power of search engine optimisation to spread the word about your business that we just can't stop doing it.

Fast results

123 Agency will be boosting your SEO within month.


Why not? We’re one of the top SEO agencies in Brighton. Several companies trust us with their websites, and we have helped them rank higher. We know what we’re doing, which is why our clients keep coming back to us.

We aren’t just your average ‘SEO’ company either. Our aim is to provide you with exceptional service, great value, and a positive outcome.

SEO is a long game though, so don’t expect to be immediately ranked number one overnight! However, if you work with us and follow the guidelines that we provide for you, you can achieve great results in the longer term.

Needing an SEO Services in Brighton? Here's how we work :-

01. Setting goals and strategy:

Without strategy there is no direction. Without a plan you won’t be successful. Starting an SEO campaign without a plan is like starting a run without knowing where you’re going.

You should ask yourself the following questions before developing your strategy:

  • What needs to change on our website?
  • Who is our target audience and how do they behave?
  • What is the most relevant product or service in our activity?
  • Why should we invest in SEO?
  • What is the location of our audience? Are they local? National? International?
  • Are there a lot of competitors?

02. SEO Audit

SEO audits can identify strengths, weaknesses and potentials for long-term success of your website. You need to perform a search engine optimization audit to detect: crawl failures, indexing failures, content failures, etc. This SEO audit will help you find the technical problems with your site that prohibit search engines from crawling it or understanding its content.

In our SEO audits at 123 Agency, we analyze three main areas:

  • Crawling, (responses codes, file types, robots.txt, sitemap.xml) and indexing (direction, suggestions, depth, and priorities) make up the technical area.
  • Basically we study the quality of the content on the web (similarity, duplication, thin content, on page, search intent, usability, semantics, etc.).
  • We analyze everything connected to internal and external factors (internal and external linking, depths, social signals, and branding) in the authority area.

03. Keyword Research

After that, we will analyze which search terms are relevant to your business and your customers, and for which you want your page to appear in Google when users search for them. The goal will be to attain traffic (and sales) based on them.

04. Web Structure

Based on the keyword study and the audit results we will create an understandable and orderly web architecture that will allow and permit users to get all the information they need to start browsing easily from anywhere in the world.

This aspect is important for:

  • Google bots can understand your page and rank it in search results.
  • Get a great user experience.
  • Correctly transfer the authority or popularity of your website to all the pages.

05. SEO Strategy

After that, the SEO consultant will determine the best strategy to position your website in Google, and make sure it shows up in the top positions of the search results.

In the SEO strategy, we will mainly focus on:


  • All optimizations that we will carry out to improve its organic ranking on your page (“On Page” = On Page)..
  • The purpose of SEO on page is to explain what your website does, so that Google can index it as soon as possible, and categorize it according to your interests..


We will develop an effective Link Building strategy, where quality links pointing to your website prevail, outside of your website.

06. Launch and Maintenance

The time has come to let the world know you are online. We launched the project and can’t wait to take you to the top.

  • Generating high-quality links
  • Optimize new content
  • Indexing monitoring
  • Rank tracking
  • Regularly monitoring and
  • optimizing the site for optimal performance
  • Generating monthly reports
  • Backlinks audit

07. Monthly report

Finally, and to help you monitor your project’s SEO ranking, we will send you a monthly report showing the site’s performance for that month in comparison with a year ago.

Here's what we do

Custom solutions for all types of businesses and niches. Competition analysis, traffic analysis reports, organic positioning tracking and digital marketing strategies. Trust 123Agency.

Market analysis

Studies of competitor traffic and positions. Trend analysis on Google.

Keyword research

Keyword research based on search volume, search intent, and level of competition.

Audit your website

We perform a 360-degree audit of your site for the purpose of identifying SEO errors – and then we fix them.

Initial setup

Project planning and control. Monitoring of optimization actions.

Take action

In this stage, we'll plan the steps with our team and do all of the work necessary to generate more customers and sales for your website.

Help & Support

You will receive a detailed report every month on the activities and results of your website.

Improve your search engine ranking with help from an SEO expert in Brighton.

We are going to identify your needs and determine what we can do for your company.

Based on the objectives and needs of our clients, we design SEO strategies and actions to improve the positions of a website in search engines. Which ones are yours?

Optimize your Google search results

Google isn’t the only search engine on the Internet that can be used to rank a website. However, if your goal is to have an online presence, ranking your website on Google is a smart move.

Well, Google was the most popular search engine in the world for a long time with a 92% market share. And if we focus on England, the percentage is even higher (95%). The UK is among the top countries in the world for mobile search, with 99% of users using Google as their primary search engine.

Therefore, if your company has a national presence in England , it is a good strategy to focus efforts on complying with the guidelines and recommendations set by Google to improve the positions in the results.

So if you are looking for a Brighton seo services, contact us and discover how we can help you.

SEO for Local Business

Companies that only operate within a specific geographic region, such as a dental clinic or repair shops in general, that provide services to local clients. 

Or, the company may be a large operation that’s looking for a way to market themselves in a specific area. This would be an example of a furniture company that’s set up an online store also has physical stores in certain cities where they want to advertise online. 

Can your company identify with any of these cases?

If so … you can count on our help! 

We at 123Agency have helped our clients build positions both nationally and locally in specific locations, drawing customers from different parts of the United Kingdom and helping to accomplish their business objectives via geographic locations. 

We are your SEO agency in Brighton to improve the local positioning of your website!

SEO for Ecommerce

A solid SEO strategy for an e-commerce website is crucial to ensure that your customers find your products when they are doing an online search. And that will lead to increased online sales.

Optimizing an online store takes knowledge, work and a strategy. Given how competitive some industries can be on the internet, it is essential to know what SEO techniques to carry out in order to climb in the search engine results.

In this way, at 123Agency, we come up with and implement strategies to optimize products, product categories and subcategories, as well as other sections of the web within possible possibilities taking into account realistic objectives. Knowing from experience that competing with bigger companies in the sector that are stronger and occupy good positions on the Internet, will require more time.

Therefore, we also search for the best ways to generate organic traffic to our clients’ websites for more specific terms, albeit with a smaller search volume.

Additionally, with our actions you can achieve the objectives of organic web positioning without disturbing the user experience or the visual appearance of the site with our actions.

Would you like to improve your ecommerce store’s natural ranking on the web? We are your digital marketing and SEO expert in Brighton and can help you achieve your goals!

SEO for B2B companies

The way B2B businesses attract new customers has unquestionably changed in recent years. Now it’s a mistake to think that the Internet is only for companies that sell products or offer services to consumers.

Increasingly, the online world provides businesses with opportunities to generate sales opportunities and increase their visibility.

Organic search engine optimization for B2B companies is another of our SEO services.

Customers in the traditional B2B sector as well as the industrial sector have seen their sales opportunities increase due to our SEO and online marketing actions, in many cases becoming their main source of customer acquisition.

If you want to attract more business opportunities online, contact us to discover how we can help your company.

Can't you figure out what you want?

No need to worry. Not everyone knows what they need. It may be referred to as local SEO, international SEO, Google positioning, on-page SEO, linkbuilding, … but if you are clear that you want to use the internet to boost your sales opportunities, let us help you. We listen to your needs, internalize them and make sure you achieve the results you need!

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